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It all depends on what options and packages you choose, but we have found that hiring out a bike to a guest once or twice a month will cover the costs for that bike. The bikes we provide are reliable, lightweight and suited to Scottish Conditions, whilst being comfortable and enjoyable to ride.


So why not drop us a line to see how we can help to provide you with the best cycling package for your guests



The nature of mountain biking means that there has to be some paperwork in place. However we can provide all this at Progression Bikes. All you would have to do is insure any bikes you have from theft. (We recommend a secure lockable shed or storeroom). We can provide the risk assessments (to ensure all actions are taken to prevent accidents or injuries around your specific site, e.g. ‘caution cyclists signs’), disclaimers (what the guest would read to make them aware to ride safely and responsibly) and ride forms (what your guest would sign and fill in providing contact details when out on the ride, deposit or card information and details about the group and route)



We understand that your staff don’t have the qualifications to fix or fully service bikes. So we can do this for you on a regular basis to ensure your fleet is working fully. We can also provide a workshop for your staff on how to look after your bikes. This would cover what to clean with what, how to size a bike for your guest and ‘what’s that noise’?

Routes and Maps

If your guests are hiring bikes, the chances are they won’t know the best routes in the area. So we can map and print them for you. Whilst there are many guide books, pamphlets and online resources available to a cyclist, there is an international standard of trail grading, which most of the guides don’t use. Words like ‘straightforward’, ‘moderate’ and ‘tricky’ may be useful to a walker but are not to a cyclist. Maps that have been written for walkers, are not necessarily suitable to cyclists, in either length, gradient or conditions. So following national standards and models, we can produce the right set of maps for you, and publicise them, and your business on various websites which appeal to bikers but also your clientele. We can liaise with landowners and have the backing and support of several national governing bodies and agencies able to facilitate in the development of cycling in your area.





Guest Benefits

Guided trips, something for the kids, coaching days, and other packages are all available to your guests. With growing emphasis on outdoor sports, healthy living and cycling specifically, promoting this provision within your business, and on your website, helps to increase interest, traffic and more importantly, bookings. If they want to book on to a package, just give us a call and we can arrange a suitable time. We know what a family wants from a cycle ride, but also what demands and expectations a group of experienced cyclists have. We also have the contacts to look at an on site course for cyclists. This is primarily aimed at kids and families, where mum and dad can enjoy a relaxing lunch, whilst the kids play outside, away from golfing greens, delicate areas of garden and the relaxing ambiance of your dining spaces. The course would be short, suitable for all weather and can even be a temporary facility.



Cycling at your place of business


Progression Bikes offers ‘cycle provision’ for accommodation providers, activity centres and tourist destinations. Whether you want a few bikes outside your cafe, or a fleet for your self catering guests, we can tailor our packages to suit your clients, location and of course your budget!


Bike Provision 

A variety of bikes are available from kids bikes and balance bikes to adult mountain bikes, road bikes and hybrids. What you want would depend on your customers, your grounds and your location to the trails. Options to lease or buy the bikes are available, depending on your needs and financial plans, and ‘buy back’ facilities are available too. End of season prices and ex hire bikes are also available and we can advise you on the best time to start your new project.