If you live in the UK and would like to hire a Mountain Trike for the weekend or for your holiday, we can offer a short term hire scheme.

Our Trikes have proved so popular for going camping with the family, holidays, music festivals, outdoor shows and school trips that we have been swamped with requests from people to have a demo Trike for the weekend or longer. Please do discuss your idea with us to see if the Trike is suitable. We’d love to hear from you.


The details of the scheme are as follows:


  • Weekend Hire – (Friday to Monday) – £100

  • 5 day Hire – £175

  • 9 day Hire -£250


The small print:


  • There is a £40 returnable deposit, on inspection of the Trike at the end of the hire period;

  • There is an additional charge of £60 for the courier delivery and collection to anywhere in the UK but this is free if you collect and

  • drop-off it off yourself, why not swing by and say hello?

  • Due to high demand, you can only hire a Trike for a maximum of 9 days;

  • If you are hiring the Trike to take part in sports or challenging physical activities please do speak to us first.


How the hire process works (in 7 easy steps):


  1. Request the hire of a Trike, please tell us what you intend to use it for and the dates you want it;

  2. We will check if we have a Trike available. If we don’t here, then we may be able to use a trike from another centre;

  3. We will send you the detailed Terms and Conditions, if you’re happy with them, please sign and return to us;

  4. Make the full payment (plus the £40 deposit) preferably by bank transfer or internet banking;

  5. We will deliver the Trike to you (and collect it for £60) or you can come and get it yourself;

  6. You have fun!

  7. We collect it afterwards and hopefully return your deposit!


Our shopping experience is very simple. You want a Trike and here it is:


For £4,395 +VAT you get:


  • A complete Mountain Trike, as you can see in all the photos on this website, there’s no false advertising, missing pieces or extras required;

  • Your choice of frame colour. We have a huge range of colours included in the price. Any whacky colour requests might be a little bit extra, we’ll have to check for you;

  • An owner’s manual on how to ride safely and look after it. We are also creating, in the support section of this website, an extensive online resource with videos and advice should you need it;

  • A pump for keeping your shock absorbers nice and bouncy (you will need your own bike pump for the wheels);

  • A few small essential tools, all the tools you require to look after your Trike many people will already have and are available cheaply from any hardware or DIY store. We’re giving you the ones you can’t live without!


Also important to note that the Trike frame is adjustable to fit different sized riders, the foot rest can be raised or lowered depending on your leg length and the seat back can be moved forwards or backwards depending on arm length.


How to Order


So you have decided that the Mountain Trike is just the thing for getting you out and about outdoors. Fantastic, you’re about to become part of a fast growing community of Trike lovers who are challenging the established limitations of being a wheelchair user.

The Mountain Trike comes with a number of options:


  • Left or right handed steering;

  • Dual Brakes (one brake lever that operates both brakes at the same time, available on either the left or right side) or Independent brakes (one for each wheel, better suited for advanced riders);

  • A colour of your choice.


All these options can be changed at a later date with a minimal of assembly work, so if you decide to change your braking options in the future, for example, no big deal. We can either do it for you, or send you the replacement parts.

Important: The first thing to do is to please read the technical details sheet and our sales terms and conditions (available as downloads on the right hand side of this page), if you are happy with these terms and confident the trike is suitable for you, then please continue with the ordering process.


To order your Trike, please email Progression Bikes on info@progressionbikesscotland.com


If you live in the UK, you can also arrange a demo, email us with your address, some suitable dates and times and we will see what we can do.


Order Process


The order process is very simple:

  1. Contact Progression Bikes and let us know what you are looking for.

  2. We relay this information to Mountain Trike directly.

  3. Once they know what you want, they will send you a completed Order Form with the payment information. If you are happy they have included everything you want, please send £2,500 for each Mountain Trike ordered.

  4. After we have received this money the building of you Trike begins and an Order Acknowledgement will be sent to confirm receipt of your money.

  5. You should receive your trike in 4 to 6 weeks of receiving your initial payment, but it could be sooner if parts are in stock.

  6. On delivery of your finished Trike, please settle the outstanding balance.


We are trying to arrange a finance payment option as well, more details of this will be available as soon as possible.