The Mondraker 2020 Range

Mondraker's new 2020 line up is now dropping in stores including the new Superfoxy R. We've tweaked ours with an upgraded shock to a DHX2 with an SLS spring and a kashimir transfer post. It's an absolute weapon!! And available for demo at £85 per day.

The new SuperFoxy Carbon R is certainly one that has us talking at the shop. With 10mm more travel than the standard foxy and a paint scheme born for tanwall tyres this thing is sure to shred. (Right)

This Level R is the new edition of the burliest e-bike we have in the shop and now with 180mm of travel. Born to destroy the biggest of descents, and the new Bosch motor installed to get you back up again, it is sure to keep you smashing the hits all day long.

With the new Crafty R and Dusk RR also coming to the pack, there will be plenty of e bikes to get groups of up to 20 out playing in the hills.

With all the talk of the new SuperFoxy it might be easy to overlook the new Foxy RR. It has diched the bright orange we are used to and gone for a sleek stealth colour scheme. On top of this it has moved over from the SRAM 1x12 and code brakes to the Shimano stoppers paired with the all new Shimano 1x12 Drivetrain. This is definitely one to look out for!

The F Podium DC RR might not be as burly as the rest of the range but slackened geometry and short travel means that this bike promises to be a XC and trail ripper. Also running the new Shimano 1x12 and 4 piston brakes there is no doubt this bike will fly.

With most bikes moving to shimano drivetrains and the majority of the E-bikes keeping the Bosch motor systems, the new Dusk RR looks to be a slight buckle in the 2020 line up trend. This new model in the range goes for the new edition of the sram groupset however uses the new shimano motor system. This uses a piggyback battery system to achive an 1000 kwh battery life! We have only heard good things about the new shimano motor and can't wait to try it!

This Is just a selection of our favourite bikes from the new range and we may end up with a different selection of bikes in store for demo. For more juicy images of the rest of the new line up head over to the Mondraker UK facebook page by clicking

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