Progression Bikes no longer runs the uplift at Dunkeld


The trails are free to ride


For more info on trails in the area, stop by the shop in Dunkeld


For more details on why we no longer operate, scroll down



We've run uplifts at Dunkeld, and across the UK, for ten years. It's how we got started, along with a small hire fleet and some coaching classes.


We've been at Red Bull Fox Hunt, World Cup at Fort William, BDS, SDA, BUCS, private coaching sessions, club nights, timing days, demo weekends, evening BBQ ride outs, numerous other race events, uplift days and festivals.

We've moved from a defender to a minibus, four different trailers, countless wheel bearings, ball joints, a few punctures, and our fair share of trailer issues.

We've met so many people, from kids clubs to pro's, locals to international riders.

So everything sounds rosey? Why stop now? Well here is a brief run down.

  • We're busy. Really busy. The shop has grown, moved and expanded. We're trying to keep up with the hires, sales and weekend business coming through the shop door.

  • The trails. It's a hot topic. Dunkeld is all natural, and as a result, large volume traffic down the hill doesn't play well in most Scottish weather conditions. Whilst this has always been the case, we are aware of the growing number of trails appearing that can be accessed from the uplift, that aren't as sustainable as some of the classic lines.

  • Speaking of trails, at the time of writing, we are excited to be helping to establish the Tayside Trails Association. This means dig days, maintaining existing trails, boring paperwork, liasing with land owners, and generally being busier at weekends, but doing good for the trails and the area in general. Part of that doesn't go hand in hand with running an uplift service.

  • There is the ever present fact that chugging a diesel bus up through a forest all weekend doesn't do much for the surrounding flora and fauna and other forest users.

  • Trail bikes and e bikes

  • The minibus and trailer has spent much of its life parked on Adam's drive. The patience from the family does wear thin, and isn't exactly a feature of an airbnb stay.

  • Varying demand, last minute driver complications, an aging bus, snow on the roads, and lack of family time have all played a big part too.

We still love DH, racing, our own Progression Bikes Racing Team, the SDA, uplifts in Scotland, driving vans, uplift rumours, excited banter, dusty evenings, the Forestry, packed lunches, tiny kids wearing full face helmets, seeing eagles, Spotify playlists, being recognised in random locations, giving directions, cash-on-the-day, owning defenders, going places, uplift dogs, go pro crashes, timed laps, racing the bus, steamy windows and talking bollocks.