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Beginner / Blue Trails

We all start somewhere. Maybe it is a first proper mountain bike, perhaps a move from road biking, or a new e bike. Whatever your motivation, well done! You already know that some pointers and coaching can get you riding better and safer out on the trails.

We will always ride within your limits, and work the skills that you want to develop. Everything is 'challenge by choice'.

General coaching areas include balance and body position, bike set up, trail awareness and handling.

We also run skills classes, camps and sessions for kids. These can be birthday parties, a day trip during the holidays, or just a family day out for everyone.


We can also run a 'coached ride', which is very popular with families with teenage kids. Everyone can get some coaching tips, and there are often different ways down the hills for different people in the group.


It's a fun way to watch others improve, ride safe and have fun!


Intermediate / Red Trails

Progressing from the local loch-side track to a red trail can be daunting prospect. Perhaps you have just bought your first full suspension bike, or are looking to progress to harder red grade trails or are now eyeing up the black features at your local trail centre.


These intermediate sessions work on getting down trails confidently, allowing you the headspace to focus on skill development. Having the confidence to ride a new trail, or be closer to your mates in front, makes for more enjoyable riding.

Points we try to cover are line choice, trail 'zones', momentum, braking and cornering and red grade trail features. All while keeping confidence and head space in mind.

Advanced / Black / Enduro / Race

Dunkeld is famous for its technical riding. So there is no shortage of trail features to hone your skills, and shave those tenths.

Just because there are black trails in abundance, doesn't mean we run these sessions on the hardest trails we can find though. It often surprises clients how much they can develop riding a challenging red trail, which carries over into their local black trails. We have all been there where you are hanging on by your fingernails, unsure how you made it down, bouncing off trees with one leg out and your eyes closed. So we try to get the skills and the awareness dialled and then the technique is putting them into practice on the hard stuff.

Having said that, if you want to work on race pace, we will focus on just that. Getting everything you can from the bike, and using every inch of that fastest line. Steep tight corners, sloppy turns and rock gardens are all common place here too, and if you are wondering why you are always off the podium, we can help.

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