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The Long Weekend

The Long Weekend is designed for those who want to experience the very best, in a unique and enjoyable way.

Over several days you will ride across Tay Country, taking in the sights, sounds and tastes along the way. All whilst piloting the latest electric bicycles.

The pace is gentle, and the hills are modest, but the views are spectacular.

Every detail has been carefully selected and we are using the very best products and suppliers

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This trip meets at Progression Bikes for 9.30am, but we can help with local accommodation the night before, or even the Caledonia Sleeper Train which can get you from London or Edinburgh to Dunkeld for breakfast!

Day 1 heads out of the village and through Perthshire countryside to Newburgh, our accommodation for two days.

Day 2 on the bikes explores the coastal paths and byways of Tay Country. If you wanted a break, to relax or explore on your own, there are plenty of pursuits on offer locally and via transport, all of which we can arrange

Day 3 is the return leg, with a fantastic boat trip up the Tay to get us, and our bikes across the mighty river before cycling back to Dunkeld for around 4pm

Part of what makes this trip so special is that we have curated every experience to fit this package.

The journey through Perthshire follows the majestic River Tay, and what better way to cross with our bikes than via boat? We scouted get in and out locations to make the ride on either side just as unique as the rest of the trip.

We also knew how impressive the Lindores Distillery is, and how intimate a setting it can be. So we worked with the team to provide a dining experience like no other. Dinner by the Stills is something that will make your trip truly special.

We also knew that not everyone wants to be in the saddle all day every day, and that settling by the fire looking across the Tay Valley, or strolling down the Fife Coastal Path is a perfectly pleasant way to enjoy some down time. So we made our second day more flexible, with non biking activities, spirit making in the Apothecary, or even picking if the cider season is upon us.


The newly converted cottage sleeps six in complete luxury, and is a short walk from The Lindores Distillery, who have helped to make this trip possible.


The cottage sits on the edge of the farm that provides the distillery with its barley and water, and grows apples for its own Cider 'Aipple', which is available with dinner.

Lunches come from local businesses, from Scottish smoked salmon to fresh bread, local jams and coffee.

All of our partners strive for excellence, and sustainability in their practices


Prices from £899 per person.


Please email us to get the ball rolling...

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