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Family Focused

What you need to know


Dunkeld is without a doubt a fantastic place for families on a day trip, weekend or holiday.


There are plenty of places to stay, eat and drink, and most importantly, things to do.


Cycling is just one reason why Dunkeld is on the map, and it keeps getting better and better.


So here are a few frequently asked questions, and our answers, to help you decide on your family day out.


Can I cycle straight from the shop?

Yes! There is a great network of core paths, estate tracks and bridleways, perfect for family groups. Many of these start right from the shop, so just park in the village, make your way to the shop and cycle from the door.

Do you have kids' bikes?

Absolutely! We have a range of bikes for all ages, and helmets too. We also have a trailer, child seat, tag-a-long and towbar.

The trailer and seat are suitable for aged 8 months and up, as long as they can support their own head and fit a helmet. The tag-a-long is from aged 6 and up and the towbar can fit any of our kids' bikes, or your own!


Any restrictions for riding e bikes?

We currently only have e bikes for adults. This does limit the size and age of those wanting to take one out. As a rough guide we say 140cm and 9 years old minimum. If you can, please come in and we can size them up in person.

What are the trails like?

There are a number of easy trails and paths that you can get to from the shop in Dunkeld. There are several flat tarmac/gravel routes that follow the river or head to the Hermitage suitable for all. There is also the very popular Loch Ordie Loop (12km there and 12km back) which passes several Lochs and with stunning scenery


Do we need to book?

Yes please! We get super busy during peak seasons, so as soon as you know your dates please fill in our booking form.

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