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Mountain Trike

We are Scotland’s Mountain Trike Experience Centre based in Dunkeld, Perthshire.


The Mountain Trike Offers riders the freedom to venture out around town or into the countryside or even the remote wilderness. Whether that is to the beach, down muddy tracks, over grass or along cobbled streets, gravel driveways and even through snow. We call this All-Terrain.


With a conventional wheelchair, the smallest everyday journey or outdoors activity can seem daunting. The Mountain Trike gives riders the ability to go to places that were completely inaccessible previously, whilst maintaining the function and versatility of a standard wheelchair.


Possible applications for the Trike are huge, including:


– Going to the playground or park with a child

– walking the dog

– camping and bush craft activities

– Shooting and fishing

– Orienteering and Basketball


We are immensely excited to be able to offer such an innovative product and hope you will join us in the great outdoors!

The eTrike - an electric assist all terrain wheelchair.


Perfect for those who would like some assistance to travel off road or active users who want to go further, faster or tackle more challenging terrain.

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