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Touring and Gravel

What you need to know

Perthshire is home to miles upon miles of gravel roads, tracks and empty back roads.

Snaking through glens, following streams and navigating through forests this network covers a vast area, accessing not only all of Taycountry but beyond into Fife or up into the Cairngorms.

However some of the local routes are our favourites, as you get to ride from the shop and into the hills. Or jump off the train and be in complete wilderness in under thirty minutes.


This trail network is all about adventure. You don't have to ride them on a gravel bike, you can use any mountain bike to have an adventure. However for those that are looking for the full experience, we have a number of gravel and adventure bikes available, and all the bike packing kit to go with it.

Routes can be of varying length, and difficulty, and if you are on a gravel bike, they will ride and handle differently to a mountain bike. If you are new to this kind of riding, just ask in store what is best for your next trip or visit for some great advice and route options, including overnight trips.

Either can be fitted with adventure bike packing kit, panniers, and extra racking.

However, any of our mountain bikes, including the electric bikes, are great fun on these trails, and are often used to access the more technical mountain bike trails.

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