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Guided Trips


'The Long Weekend'

Guided tour through Taycountry on Electric Bikes

Two or three nights in luxury accommodation

Whisky tasting and intimate dining experiences

Private boat crossing with lunch and the bikes

​New for 2022 are the following packages, taking in the best that Perthshire and Taycountry have to offer, for the ultimate cycling and adventure experience.

Over the last ten years we have built up a fantastic network of partners and providers that we trust and support. Their commitment to sustainability and the high quality of their service has led to the creation of a number of the best cycling, outdoor and adventure products in Perthshire.


Each of our trips is carefully put together, using local knowledge and understanding. We have ridden and enjoyed them all ourselves, and see many of the providers as friends!


If you like the details and content of any of the trips, just select it from the drop down list on our booking form and we will be in touch to discuss futher!

'The Round Trip'

Guided e bike tour of Perthshire's finest countryside

One day on / off to experience a range of activities

Utilising the E Bike charging network to visit the remote,

and the remarkable over three to six days


'The Hit List'

Accommodation based in Dunkeld, Perthshire

Visiting new riding locations each day

Hit the best spots with local knowledge and a guide or coach

Multi activity options and custom trips available

Families, Beginner and Easy Rides

In 2021 we have seen a massive growth in folks new to cycling, and families with mixed abillities. We can provide a guide to accompany you on your ride, and take you to the best scenery, via the best trails for your group. This takes the pressure off any navigating, and we are here to help with a puncture or mechanical issue. So whether you are staying in Dunkeld and Birnam, Pitlochry, Blairgowrie, Aberfeldy or Perth, we can provide trips either local to you, or from our base here Dunkeld, Perthshire.

If some want to stick to the main path, we can lead or direct other members of the group over the rooty sections, providing tips or coaching advice as we go. Or maybe you all want to go on e bikes for the day and head up into the hills, and get away from the office. Have a picnic by the Lochs, or next to the Waterfall. We can arrange that too.

These can be run as a full day trip, ideal if you are up for the weekend, the week or are organising a birthday party or team building or scout group.

If anyone wants some coaching points as we go then that is no problem. We can take in some suitable trails for your ability, or just practice things as we go.


Intermediate and Advanced

Guided mtb trips around beautiful Highland Perthshire are available for all groups. If you are comfortable on reds and blacks, and want to hit the best of the best in a day, or over a weekend, then grab a guide. Cherry pick the finest singletrack, the steepest steeps, a half day blast, or a full day epic. We would recommend a full day ride, that takes in some of the local hills, climbs and descents, in the best order.

There are over 40 red/black descents within a 30 minute cycle of Dunkeld, making Progression Bikes a natural base for a days biking. We would recommend a guide to take you on all the best routes, as even with an O.S map or app, you will struggle to link up the sections. Best ridden on full suspension bikes, there are plenty of sections to test even the most competent cyclist.

Progression Bikes staff are always happy to share route advice and local knowledge with anyone that comes in, so stop in for some spares, repairs and a chat

Bespoke Guiding, or something different

Perthshire is full of opportunities for the ultimate adventure. Multi day, multi activity, or something fully custom we can make it happen.

On the guiding front we can deliver bikes, and a days guiding, anywhere in Dunkeld, Perthshire, or beyond. So if you already have accomodation booked, and want to explore what is local to you just give us a call.

Electric bikes have opened up a world of possiblities, taking fitness, and alot of distance issues, out of the equation. So we can organise a trip to the coast to see the seals, a distillery tour or just a networking day on bikes.

If you are looking at a days guiding, not only can we remove any navigation worries, but we can organise, packed lunches, a small whisky tasting, or even meet a catered lunch on the hill.

For examples of multi activity days, and some sample packages, click here

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